Ambassador Soroosh Talks about Bilateral Relation and Afghan Diaspora in Canada

Ottawa- July 01, 2021
Ambassador Hassan Soroosh spoke at a program which was organized by the Toronto-based " Watan E Maa TV" on the occasion of Canada Day.
Expressing his best wishes on this occasion, Ambassador Soroosh spoke about the long-standing and multifaceted partnership between Afghanistan and Canada as well as the collective efforts and sacrifices made by both nations in defence of our shared values.
Ambassador Soroosh outlined key priorities and ongoing activities of the Embassy in important areas such as development cooperation, trade and investment, women’s empowerment, cultural diplomacy and working with Afghan diaspora.
Ambassador Soroosh praised the important role of Afghan diaspora in contributing to Canadian society and bilateral cooperation between Afghanistan and Canada.
Other distinguished speakers spoke about various aspects of Canadian society and culture as well as the growing linkages between Afghanistan and Canada.
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