Ambassador Soroosh Meets with Prominent Canadian Scholars


Ottawa- July 09, 2021

As part of a new series of conversations, Ambassador Hassan Soroosh recently met with friends of Afghanistan and prominent Canadian scholars - whom included: Dr. Stephen Saideman – Paterson Chair in International Affairs, Dr. Roland Paris – Professor of International Studies and Director of the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa, Dr Sean M. Maloney – Professor of History at Royal Military College, Dr Kim Richard Nossal – Professor Emeritus in the Department of Political Studies at Queen’s University and Dr. Nipa Banerjee – Senior Fellow in the International Development and Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ottawa - in separate virtual meetings to discuss the current situation in Afghanistan, the peace process, multifaceted bilateral cooperation between Canada and Afghanistan, the prospects for a new chapter in the partnership between Afghanistan and international partners as well as potential opportunities in the future to coordinate joint events on Afghanistan and bilateral cooperation.
The participants in this series have previously served under different capacities in both government and academia and have written extensively, including books and papers, on Afghanistan.
The embassy looks forward to continuing our discussion with friends of Afghanistan and Canadian scholars to foster greater linkages between Afghanistan and Canada.
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