Ambassador Soroosh Joins the Virtual General Meeting of the Canada-Afghanistan Parliamentary Friendship Group

Ottawa- June 25, 2020 Ambassador Hassan Soroosh joined the virtual General Meeting of the Canada-Afghanistan Parliamentary Friendship Group this morning and briefed members of the House and Senate about various aspects of bilateral cooperation; the ongoing efforts in response to COVID-19 in Afghanistan as well as the latest developments with respect to the Afghan peace process. Ambassador Soroosh expressed his gratitude to the Friendship Group for their continued commitment and support to Afghanistan and highlighted the importance of parliamentary linkages and reciprocal visits between the two countries. Hon. Francesco Sorbara (MP) and Hon. Senator Salma Ataullahjan were elected as Co-Chairs of the Executive Committee. They highlighted the importance of continued efforts to further enhance bilateral cooperation including between the parliamentarians of the two countries. Other participants from the parliament included Dr. Robert Kitchen (MP), Ms. Ruby Sahota (MP), Mr. Bob Bratina (MP), Mr. Chandra Arya (MP), Ms. Salma Zahid (MP) as well as a representative from the Office of Ms. Deb Schulte (MP). Mr. Mujtaba Ahmadi, Deputy Chief of Mission and Ms. Shabana Kargar, Third Secretary from the Embassy also attended this virtual meeting.
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