Ambassador Hassan Soroosh Visits the International Development Research Center (IDRC)


Ottawa- January 9, 2020

Ambassador Hassan Soroosh visited the International Development Research Center (IDRC) this afternoon and met with Mr. Jean Lebel, President, and Ms. Dominique Charron, Vice-President of the Center.
The two sides discussed various areas of research collaboration in the past as well as potential research partnership in the future in areas such as SDGs, environment, education, women’s empowerment, and regional cooperation.
Ambassador Soroosh expressed his gratefulness for the support provided by the IDRC to research capacity building and evidence-based policy development in Afghanistan including under the broader research and academic programs for Central Asia and South Asia.
Mr. Azim Wardak, Counselor of the Afghan Embassy was also present in the meeting.

Last modified on Wednesday, 12/02/2020

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