Ambassador Hassan Soroosh Meets with Acting Director General, Canadian Partnerships for Health and Social Empowerment


Ambassador Hassan Soroosh met with Mr. Jean-Bernard Parenteau, Acting Director-General, Canadian Partnerships for Health and Social Empowerment; Ms. Nathalie O’Neil, Director of Education and Social Empowerment; and Ms. Diane Harper, Executive Director at the South Asia Bureau, Global Affairs Canada. During the meeting, they discussed the ongoing projects and future programs in the area of health, education and women’s empowerment under both the country program for Afghanistan and the multi-country programs under the Partnerships for Development Innovation Branch. Ambassador Soroosh expressed his gratitude for the continued support provided by Canada including to the above-mentioned areas in Afghanistan over the past 18 years and stressed, among other issues, the importance of access to education and health services for women, girls and people with disabilities. Ambassador Soroosh also highlighted in this context, the significance of utilizing innovative ways of financing including public-private partnerships.

Mr. Azim Wardak, Counselor and Ms. Shabana Kargar, Head of the Cultural and Social Affairs from the Embassy were also present in the meeting.

Last modified on Wednesday, 12/02/2020

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