Ottawa- July 01, 2021
Ambassador Hassan Soroosh spoke at a program which was organized by the Toronto-based " Watan E Maa TV" on the occasion of Canada Day.
Expressing his best wishes on this occasion, Ambassador Soroosh spoke about the long-standing and multifaceted partnership between Afghanistan and Canada as well as the collective efforts and sacrifices made by both nations in defence of our shared values.
Ambassador Soroosh outlined key priorities and ongoing activities of the Embassy in important areas such as development cooperation, trade and investment, women’s empowerment, cultural diplomacy and working with Afghan diaspora.
Ambassador Soroosh praised the important role of Afghan diaspora in contributing to Canadian society and bilateral cooperation between Afghanistan and Canada.
Other distinguished speakers spoke about various aspects of Canadian society and culture as well as the growing linkages between Afghanistan and Canada.
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Ottawa- July 01, 2021

Read a message by Ambassador Hassan Soroosh on the occasion of Canada Day:
“On behalf of my family, staff and myself I extend my best wishes to all Canadians on the occasion of Canada Day.
For Afghans, the friendship, solidarity, sacrifices and partnership that you have shown us will never be forgotten and our shared values continue to drive us towards a brighter and connected future.
Canada’s support continues to play a crucial part in the progress that Afghanistan has achieved over the last two decades in important areas such as democratic process, education, health, women’s empowerment and security sector for which we are enormously grateful.
We are proud of the Afghan diaspora who continue to play a key role in contributing to Canadian society, bringing their ideas and skills to moving Canada forward. We appreciate the Afghan Canadians who continue to play a key part in support of peace and development in Afghanistan as well as in helping to grow greater linkages and cooperation between our two countries.
As the pandemic appears to be coming to an end, many of us will have a deeper appreciation and look forward to returning to our pre-pandemic lives that we have missed over the last year. At the same time, we do not forget the enormous efforts and sacrifices of the people, such as frontline workers, who have worked tirelessly to keep us safe during this difficult period.
Afghanistan is currently facing a challenging third wave, and we hope that with continued support from our international partners including Canada, we will be able to ensure that more and more Afghans will be vaccinated and will have access to needed medical supplies in the days and weeks to come.
Building upon the productive efforts in fostering government-to-government, inter-parliamentary and people-to-people linkages, the embassy looks forward to further working with our friends and colleagues in Canada to strengthen the multifaceted and longstanding partnership between our two nations.”

Public Announcement

Ottawa- June 30, 2021

The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Consular Section in Ottawa will remain closed on July 1st, 2021 on the occasion of Canada Day.

به اطلاع عموم مراجعین محترم سفارت جمهوری اسلامی افغانستان در کانادا رسانیده میشود که سفارت و بخش قونسلی آن به روزپنجشنبه مورخ ۱جولای ۲۰۲۱ به مناسبت تجلیل روز ملی کانادا رخصتی عمومی می باشد.

په اوتاوا-کاناډا کې د افغانستان اسلامي جمهوریت سفارت محترمو مراجعینو ته په درنښت خبر ورکول کیږي، چې د سفارت د قونسلي چارو څانګه به د پنجشنی په ورځ، چې د۲۰۲۱ میلادی کال د جولای میاشتې له ۱ نیټې سره سمون لري، په کوربه هیواد کې د(Canada  Day)له کبله رخصت دی.

Ottawa- June 18, 2021

A virtual expert meeting titled "Strengthening Peace Through Pluralism," was hosted by the Afghan State Ministry for Peace and the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Ottawa, in collaboration with the Global Centre for Pluralism this morning.

H.E. Sayed Sadat Mansoor Naderi, State Minister for Peace of Afghanistan delivered the keynote address followed by opening remarks by H.E. Hassan Soroosh, Ambassador of Afghanistan to Canada, H.E. Reid Sirrs, Ambassador of Canada to Afghanistan and a comprehensive briefing by Ms. Meredith Preston McGhie, Secretary-General of the Global Centre for Pluralism and Mr. Chris Thornton, Senior Advisor for the Center on how pluralism can contribute to the Afghan Peace Process.
H.E. Saoud Abdulla Al-Mahmoud, Ambassador of Qatar to Canada also made brief remarks reaffirming the State of Qatar’s continued commitment to peace and development in Afghanistan.
The speakers discussed diversity and inclusion in the context of the Afghan peace process and how it can contribute to sustainable peace in the country. Speakers described inclusion as a critical element and a guiding principle in both peace making and peace building efforts and stressed the importance of meaningful participation of all stakeholder groups including women and minorities in the peace process.
The Afghan speakers thanked Canada and other international partners for their principled position in support of an inclusive peace process and long-term partnership with Afghanistan. They also highlighted the courage and commitment of the people and government of Afghanistan in taking the peace process forward. The speakers also highlighted the importance of continued conversation, research and exchange of experiences with a view to help deepen understanding of pluralism and its applications in the peace process.
Deputy Chief of Mission Mr. Sayed Mujtaba Ahmadi from the Embassy of Afghanistan and Ms. Jayne Barlow from the Global Center for Pluralism moderated the program.
Ottawa- June 16, 2021
The second virtual information sharing session between the Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum of Afghanistan (MoMP) was hosted by the Global Affairs Canada in collaboration with the Embassy of Afghanistan in Ottawa this morning.
Mr. Christopher Gibbins, Executive Director, Afghanistan, and Pakistan Division, GAC, spoke about Canada’s long-term partnership with Afghanistan. He also highlighted the importance of cooperation between NRCan and MoMP in the future in the context of Canada’s long-term commitment to Afghanistan.
Mr. Azim Wardak, Counsellor of the Embassy spoke about the huge potential in the mining sector of Afghanistan as well as the recent reforms undertaken by the government of Afghanistan in this sector. He also highlighted the importance of long-term cooperation between Afghanistan and Canada as a world leader in the mining sector and one of the largest development partners for Afghanistan.
Mr. Luc Leboeuf, Director, International Affairs and Trade Division, NRCan, shared updates from NRCan and moderated the Canadian presentations.
Mr. Abdullah Asifi, Program Implementation Advisor, MoMP, presented an overview of the mining sector in Afghanistan including the recent amendments that have been made in the mining law. He also presented a comprehensive presentation on the mining projects ready for investment in Afghanistan.
The rest of speakers from NRCan presented informative presentations on investment attraction in the mining sector in Canada and the importance of risk mitigation; Canadian institutions in mining sector and overview of mine regulation including site inspection.

Directors and representatives from various sections within MoMP and NRCan participated in this meeting.

Ottawa- June 14, 2021

The Second Inter-Parliamentary Meeting between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Canada was held virtually this morning with the participation of senior Afghan and Canadian officials; women MPs and senators from different commissions of the Afghan National Assembly as well as chairs and members of the parliamentary friendship groups in Kabul and Ottawa. They discussed the ongoing Afghan peace process and women’s participation, various aspects of bilateral cooperation, parliamentary linkages as well as long-term partnership between the two countries.
Her Excellency Hasina Safi, Acting Minster of Women’s Affairs of Afghanistan; the Honourable Maryam Monsef, Canada’s Minster for Women and Gender Equality and Rural Economic Development; Hon. Deb Shulte, Canada’s Minister of Seniors; H.E. Hassan Soroosh, Ambassador of Afghanistan to Canada; Hon. Senator Salma Ataullahjan, Co-chair of Canada-Afghanistan Parliamentary Friendship Group; Hon. Francesco Sorbara, Co-chair of Canada-Afghanistan Parliamentary Friendship Group; Hon. Sameer Zuberi, member of the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights and the Standing Committee for the Scrutiny of Regulations; Hon. Yasmin Ratansi, member of Canada-Afghanistan Parliamentary Friendship Group, and the Head of the Commonwealth; Hon. Zohra Motahar Ahmadzai, Deputy Chairperson of the High Peace Council of Afghanistan; Hon. Dr. Alema, Deputy Minister for Human Rights and Civil Society of the State Ministry for Peace; Hon. Senator Gulalai Akbari, Chair of the Women’s Affairs Committee (Meshrano Jirga); Hon. MP Naheed Farid, Chair of the Human Rights, Civil Society and Women Affairs Commission (Wolesi Jirga); Hon. MP Shinkai Karookhail, Chair of the Parliamentary Caucus (Wolesi Jirga) and former Ambassador of Afghanistan to Canada; Ms. Maryam Soliamankhel, member of Wolesi Jirga ; Ms. Rahima Jami, member of Wolesi Jirga; Ms. Habiba Danish, member of Wolesi Jirga ; Ms. Ferozan Nawabi, Director General of Human Rights and Women's International Affairs Department, MoFA; Mr. Satar Haqbin, Deputy Director-General of Human Rights and Women's International Affairs Department, MoFA; and Mrs. Mary Akrami, Afghan Women’s Network Executive Director participated and spoke in this virtual meeting.
The participants shared their concerns over the spike in the level of violence against Afghan civilians and highlighted the importance of a ceasefire; meaningful participation of women in the peace process, preservation of Afghanistan's two decades of development and milestones in women's rights and continuation of cooperation and partnership between Afghanistan and Canada in important and promising areas such as education, health, human rights, women’s empowerment and security sector based on common objectives and shared values.
The meeting was moderated by Mr. Sayed Mujtaba Ahmadi, Deputy Chief of Mission from the Embassy of Afghanistan in Ottawa.
دومین نشست مجازی بین پارلمانی بین افغانستان و کانادا با اشتراک مقامات ارشد حکومتی، اعضای پارلمان های دو کشور، رؤسا و اعضای گروه های دوستی پارلمانی دو کشور امروز با همکاری وزارت امورخارجه افغانستان و سفارت افغانستان در اوتاوا برگزار شد که در آن روی موضوعاتی چون پروسه صلح افغانستان و مشارکت زنان؛ عرصه های مختلف همکاری های دوجانبه، روابط بین پارلمانی و مشارکت درازمدت بین دو کشور بحث و تبادل نظر صورت گرفت.
خانم مریم منصف، وزیر امور زنان کانادا؛ خانم حسینه صافی، سرپرست وزارت امور زنان افغانستان؛ خانم دب شولت، وزیر امور بزرگسالان کانادا؛ خانم داکتر عالمه، معین وزارت دولت در امور صلح؛ آقای حسن سروش، سفیر افغانستان در اوتاوا؛ سناتور سلما عطاالله جان، عضو سنای کانادا و رییس مشترک کمیته دوستی پارلمانی؛ آقای فرانسیسکو سُربرا، رییس مشترک کمیته دوستی پارلمانی و عضو پارلمان کانادا؛ آقای رابرت کیچن، عضو پارلمان کانادا؛ خانم یاسمین راتانسی، عضو پارلمان کانادا؛ خانم ناهید فرید، رییس کمیسیون حقوق بشر، جامعه مدنی و امور زنان در ولسی جرگه؛ خانم شینکی کروخیل، رییس گروه پارلمانی زنان برای مشارکت سیاسی در ولسی جرگه؛ خانم مریم سلیمان خیل، عضو ولسی جرگه؛ خانم حبیبه دانش، عضو ولسی جرگه؛ خانم اکبری، عضو ولسی جرگه؛ خانم رحیمه جامی، عضو ولسی جرگه؛ خانم فروزان نوابی، رییس شعبه حقوق بشر و امور زنان وزارت امور خارجه افغانستان؛ آقای ستار حقبین، معاون ریاست عمومی ریاست حقوق بشر و امور زنان وزارت امور خارجه افغانستان؛ و خانم ماری اکرمی، رییس شبکه زنان افغان در این مجلس مجازی اشتراک و سخنرانی نمودند.
سخنرانان از هر دوجانب ضمن شریک ساختن نگرانی شان راجع به افزایش خشونت ها در افغانستان، بر اهمیت فشار جهانی بر طالبان و شبکه حمایتی آنها، اهمیت آتش بس به عنوان عنصر کلیدی گفتگوهای پایدار صلح، حفظ دستاوردهای دو دهه گذشته در افغانستان، مشارکت معنادار زنان در پروسه صلح و تداوم مشارکت بین افغانستان و کانادا مبتنی بر اهداف و ارزشهای مشترک و با تمرکز روی عرصه های مهمی همچون معارف، صحت، حقوق بشر، توانمندسازی زنان و سکتور امنیتی تأکید نمودند.
گردانندگی این نشست مجازی توسط آقای سید مجتبی احمدی، معاون سفارت صورت گرفت.
د افغانستان او کاناډا د پارلمانونو تر مېنځ دویمه مجازي ناسته د لوړپوړو حکومتي مسئولینو، د دواړو هېوادونو د پارلمانونو د غړو، د دواړو هېوادونو د پارلمانونو د دوستۍ ګروپونو د رئیسانو په ګډون او د افغانستان د بهرنیو چارو وزارت او په اوتاوا کې د افغانستان د سفارت په همکارۍ نن پرانستل شوه. په دغه ناسته کې د افغانستان د سولې په پروسې او د ښځو ګډون؛ د دوه اړخیزو همکاریو په مختلفو برخو؛ پارلماني اړیکو او د دواړو هېوادونو په اوږد مهاله همکاریو خبرې وشوې.
میرمن مریم منصف، د کاناډا د ښځو چارو وزیره؛ میرمن حسینه صافۍ، د افغانستان د ښځو چارو سرپرست وزیره؛ میرمن ډب شولت، د کاناډا د لوی عمر لرونکو د چارو وزیره؛ میرمن ډاکټر عالمه، د سولې په چارو کې د دولت د وزارت مرستیاله؛ ښاغلی حسن سروش، په کاناډا کې د افغانستان سفیر؛ سناتور سلما عطاالله جان، د کاناډا د سنا غړې او د پارلماني کمیټې رئیسه؛ ښاغلی فرانسیسکو سوربارا، د کاناډا د پارلمان غړی او د پارلماني کمیټې رئیس؛ ښاغلی رابرټ کیچن، د کاناډا د پارلمان غړی؛ میرمن یاسمین راتانسی، د کاناډا د پارلمان غړې؛ میرمن ناهید فرید، د افغانستان د ولسي جرګې د بشر د حقونو، مدني ټولنې او د ښځو چارو د کمیسیون رئیسه؛ میرمن شینکۍ کړوخل، د افغانستان د ولسي جرګې د سیاسي مشارکت لپاره د ښځو د پارلماني ګروپ رئیسه؛ میرمن مریم سلیمان خېل، د ولسي جرګې غړې؛ مېرمن حبیبه دانش، د ولسي جرګې غړې؛ مېرمن اکبري، د ولسي جرګې غړې؛ مېرمن رحیمه جامي، د ولسي جرګې غړې؛ میرمن فروزان نوابي، د افغانستان د بهرنیو چارو وزارت د بشر د حقونو او ښځو چارو ریاست رئیسه؛ ښاغلی ستار حقبین، د افغانستان د بهرنیو چارو وزارت د بشر د حقونو او ښځو چارو د ریاست مرستیال؛ او میرمن ماري اکرمي د افغان ښځو د شبکې رئیسه په دغه مجازي ناسته کې خبرې او ګډون کړی ؤ.
د دواړو خواو ویناوالو په افغانستان کې د زیاتېدونکي تاوتریخوالي په هکله د خواشینۍ په ښولو سره، پر طالبانو او د هغوی په ملاتړو شبکو فشار، د تلپاتې سولې لپاره د کلیدي عنصر په توګه د اوربند په اهمیت، په افغانستان کې د دوه لسیزو لاسته راوړنو په ساتنه، د سولې په پروسه کې د ښځو په معنی لرونکې ونډه او د کاناډا او افغانستان تر مېنځ د ګډو ارزښتونو او موخو لپاره او د پوهنې، روغتیا، د بشر حقونو، د ښځو پیاوړتیا او امنیتي سکتور په برخو کې د تمرکز په تړاو په اوږد مهاله مشارکت ټینګار وکړ.
د ننۍ جلسې گرداننده د افغانستان د سفارت معاون محترم سید مجتبی احمدی وو.
Ottawa- June 08, 2021
Ambassador Hassan Soroosh expressed his profound condolences on the tragic loss of lives in London, Ontario:

"The heartbreaking tragedy in London, Ontario has left us deeply saddened. I extend my profound condolences and pray for the speedy recovery of the little boy, the only survivor. We must stand united against all forms and manifestations of Islamophobia and hate crimes across the globe."

Ottawa- June 03, 2021

Watch a virtual event on Afghanistan and investment opportunities in the extractive industry which was hosted by the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum of Afghanistan, in collaboration with the Embassy of Afghanistan in Ottawa, this past March as part of PDAC 2021:


Ottawa- June 02, 2021
Ambassador Hassan Soroosh met virtually with H.E. Maurizio Carlo Gelli , Ambassador of the Republic Nicaragua to Canada. They discussed the potential for bilateral cooperation in various areas including agriculture and mining as well as the establishment of non-resident diplomatic missions in the future.
Mr. Azim Wardak, Counselor from the Embassy of Afghanistan also attended this virtual meeting.

Ottawa- June 02, 2021

Deputy Chief of Mission, Mr. Sayed Mujtaba Ahmadi met virtually with the Deputy Head of Mission of Peru in Canada, Mr. Carlos Garcia. They discussed bilateral cooperation, collaboration between the two missions as well as the establishment of non-resident missions in the future.

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