Ottawa, October 12, 2021;

n a short message on Twitter, Ambassador Hassan Soroosh extended his gratitude to the government of Canada "for joining the rest of our international partners in the G20 Extraordinary Leaders' Meeting on Afghanistan today to help prevent a humanitarian catastrophe and preserve the human rights of all citizens including of women & girls in Afghanistan."

میلاد با سعادت پیامبر اکرم (ص) مبارک باد!ـ
د نبی کریم (ص) نیکمرغه میلاد دی مبارک وی!ـ

Ottawa: October 15, 2021;

We express our deepest condolences to the families of the victims of the cowardly terrorist attack that took place today in Kandahar and wish those injured a speedy recovery.
Ambassador Hassan Soroosh tweeted earlier on this tragedy: “Last week in Kunduz & today in Kandahar! Terrorists continue to target innocent worshippers in Afghanistan. These brutal and cowardly terrorist attacks are clear manifestations of crimes against humanity. Terrorism remains a global threat & requires an effective global response.”

Ottawa: October 22, 2021

Afghan women continue to courageously stand up and protest across the country demanding their basic rights including access to education and the right to work.

راهپیمایی فعالین مدنی امروز در کابل این‌ها خواسته‌های واضح دارند؛ بازگشایی مکتب‌های دخترانه، بازگشت زنان به کار، و پایان دادن به فقر.

The march of civil activists in Kabul today. They have clear demands; the reopening of girls schools, the return of women to work, and the end of poverty.

Ottawa-October 25, 2021: Many congratulations on this great victory!
Ambassador Soroosh expressed earlier his "heartiest congratulations to our proud cricket team and to our fellow Afghans around the world on this great victory."
We thank the #BluePower for bringing so much joy to our people during this tragic time.

Ottawa- September 16, 2021

TIME Magazine has recognized Mahbouba Seraj, founder of the Afghan Women’s Network and a passionate woman activist from Afghanistan, as one of the 100 Most Influential People of 2021. Ms. Seraj "has dedicated herself to championing children's health, battling corruption and empowering victims of domestic violence" in Afghanistan. Ms. Seraj decided to remain in Afghanistan and help her fellow country women in this challenging time.

We express our heartful congratulations to Ms. Seraj on this timely recognition and wish her every success in her struggle for women's rights in Afghanistan.

Ottawa- September 15, 2021

Building upon their previous rallies, the Afghan diaspora community in Canada continued their protests in both Ottawa and Vancouver this past weekend to denounce the violation of human rights and spotlight the dire humanitarian situation occurring in Afghanistan. As reports of increasing human rights violations have circulated over the past month, both demonstrations called upon the international partners to pressure the Taliban to respect the human rights and freedoms of every Afghan.

Among the demonstrators in Ottawa was Mr. Fahim Shoja who had not eaten anything for three days in protest of the current ongoing humanitarian crisis and human rights violations in Panjshir as well as the rest of Afghanistan.
The demonstrators further expressed their concern that the rights and freedom of Afghans, particularly women and girls, are currently being threatened by those who refuse to adhere to an inclusive and prosperous future for Afghanistan.
Photos from:
· The Ottawa Citizen
· “Afghans in Vancouver” Facebook Group

Ottawa- September 13, 2021

Ambassador Hassan Soroosh expressed his gratefulness to the Government of Canada for announcing the new commitment during the High-level Ministerial Meeting on Humanitarian Situation in Afghanistan today in support of the most vulnerable people in Afghanistan amid deteriorating situation and growing concerns over the future of Afghanistan. Ambassador Soroosh also thanked the United Nations for facilitating a unified voice in support of the people of Afghanistan.

Ottawa- September 11, 2021

Ambassador Hassan Soroosh expressed his gratitude to the Government of Canada for reaffirming the commitment to the Afghan people particularly women & girls on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of 9/11. Ambassador Soroosh paid "tribute to the fallen heroes from Afghanistan, Canada & the rest of our international partners who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our shared values."
Ambassador Soroosh also thanked Canada for mobilizing an integrated international response to the dire humanitarian situation in Afghanistan.
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